Mental Health Guideline

Mental health disabilities are characterized by significant difficulties in learning, thinking, solving problems, discovering the world around and developing everyday skills. All people with disabilities are able to learn something and keep a fruitful and happy life.

Do not think that the dysfunctions of the mental abilities are associated with other health limitations. People with mental disabilities are able to feel the influence of the whole life.

Some people may need support only in certain specific areas, while others need support in almost every area of life. Limiting mental abilities often affects personal relationships, social skills, and self-care abilities. They also affect a person’s ability to learn and create memories. Common causes include head injuries, Down’s syndrome and fetal alcohol syndrome. Often, mental health disabilities are associated with other disabilities.It Is Possible to Live a Full Life Even If You Are Exposed to Mental Disabilities

How can people help?

  • Having consulted with family members or persons assisting this mentally disable person, identify his strengths, abilities, methods of learning and specific ways to encourage him for his achievements and good behavior.
  • Give him the opportunity to serve.
  • Set high, but realistic goals based on the skills and abilities of this person.
  • Look into his eyes and speak with sincerity and kindness, using brief, clear phrases.
  • Leave extra time so that he can respond to the question or situation.
  • As far as possible, let such people cope with their tasks.
  • Develop sincere friendships.
  • Always speak with kindness, avoiding derogatory or slang words, and help others in this.

Treatment recommendations

The main role in the rehabilitation of people with mental retardation belongs to the pedagogical process. It is necessary to seek help and support from experienced professionals. The key factor of progress is the contact of parents with doctors, teachers, and psychologists, my canadian pharmacy pharmacists. Parents should understand that the best adaptation is possible only if the curriculum matches a child’s capabilities. The key to successful treatment of mental disabilities is a complex effect, that is, the use of not only medicines but also an individual approach to training, classes with specialists – all this is necessary for a more successful adaptation of the person with disabilities in the outside world.

The main medical recommendations with mental dysfunctions are as follows:

  • seek medical attention in time and find out the cause and degree of progression of mental disability.
  • regularly conduct educational and developmental activities with such people. Correction of behavioral abnormalities can be carried out with a psychologist.
  • try not to isolate such people from peers and adults, despite all concerns.
  • social adaptation of children with mental dysfunctions should be the basis of training and education. Only the achievement of self-reliance in everyday life, the basics of speech and writing, as well as the mastery of simple professions, will make it possible in adulthood to be a full-fledged member of society and not require someone’s help.
  • do not overstate the expected results for these children. Often the nature of the character and an increased sense of inferiority and the experience of failure bring to zero all the results achieved.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to indulge the child’s abilities or stop at the achieved result. This is often manifested in learning to communicate – parents understand the child’s desires by sound or distorted words, but this is not enough for social adaptation and communication with other people.