Welcome to Gallatin Mental Health Center

Welcome to Mental Health Center

Gallatin Mental Health Center (GMHC) provides integrated, individual services for mental health. Our staff is highly professional, experienced inclusively of certified social workers, skilled consulting physicians and a psychologist; certified nurses, a board-certified psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioners; case managers; workers for crisis intervention; and peer support specialists. GMHC staff uses and develops a number of evidence-based patterns and methods to provide quality, well-founded support. Through full-service, consolidated efforts, our staff establishes the diagnosis, ensures the health assessment, long-lasting treatment and referral for those affected by mental diseases.

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Medicamentous Treatment of Mental Illnesses

One way to treat mental health disorders is drug therapy. For some disorders, drug therapy is imperative, for others it is one of the possible alternatives. For example, diagnosed depression is recommended to be treated with a combination of drug and psychotherapy. Besides, you may buy these medications using Trusted Tablets Pharmacy with an extensive online catalog for mental illnesses’ therapy. Within a matter of several minutes, you make an order that will be processed within 24 business hours. Then, it will be dispensed from the warehouse through one of the chosen shipping options. Moreover, the delivery is a global one that’s why there is no limits to locations and destinations. Drug therapy makes meaningful living possible for those with severe enough disorders. More than 700,000 Americans use a medication for mental health problems annually, at least from time to time. Despite the prevalence of the application of psychotropic drugs,…

Mental Health Guideline

Mental health disabilities are characterized by significant difficulties in learning, thinking, solving problems, discovering the world around and developing everyday skills. All people with disabilities are able to learn something and keep a fruitful and happy life. Do not think that the dysfunctions of the mental abilities are associated with other health limitations. People with mental disabilities are able to feel the influence of the whole life. Some people may need support only in certain specific areas, while others need support in almost every area of life. Limiting mental abilities often affects personal relationships, social skills, and self-care abilities. They also affect a person’s ability to learn and create memories. Common causes include head injuries, Down’s syndrome and fetal alcohol syndrome. Often, mental health disabilities are associated with other disabilities.

New Client Information

If you are planning to use the services of Gallatin Mental Health Center for the first time, please come in on a Tuesday or a Wednesday between 9am and 1pm. When you come, please bring the completed new client application or you will need to complete it in the health center. You can get an application anytime at Gallatin Mental Health or ask us to mail it to you. You also need to bring your driver’s license (or other photo ID) and your insurance cards. If you wish to apply for sliding fee, we will need your last three pay stubs or other reliable proof of income. Our center is open Monday – Thursday 8 am to 6 pm, Friday: 8 am to 4 pm. If you need advice or want to ask questions outside of our working hours, please call the Help Center, which is active 24/7.

Hustle for Hope Charity Run

You can participate in races not only for the sake of emotions and medals but also for the benefit of those who need help. Gallatin Mental Health Center, Hustle for Hope fundraiser, figured out how the running charity works in the world, and who can become a participant of the charity run. A bit of history One of the first mentions of charity runs appeared in 1988. The leukemia and lymphoma community suggested several runners to run a marathon distance and raise funds in support of those who need help. In return, the community paid the athletes for the road to the marathon venue and also arranged a unique sports training. Now thousands of people all over the world are participating in charity runs.

Right Motivation for Lowe’s Hero Project

Any non-profit organization that has been working with volunteers for a long time has its unique experience in this field. The head of Gallatin Mental Health told us about the motivation with which people come to volunteer and whether it is possible to “motivate” a person for long-term quality work. Motivation among people is very different, and for ourselves, we divide it into two groups: The first is when a man has personal motivation, holistic, aim-oriented. This is a great value. We can always rely on people with such motivation. They come with a clear desire and readiness for social service and most often do not choose their form for volunteering. Relatively speaking, if you need to care about the bed patient in the hospital, they will do it; will wash the floors if needed. That is, these are people who are ready to go with a trusted organization in…

Out of Darkness Walk 2016

Saturday, September 17, 2016, saw how the Gallatin Mental Health Center assisted to support Bozeman’s first annual Out of the Darkness Community Walk to foster the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). This event is the AFSP’s event for signature fundraising to advance information awareness, knowledge, and support relating to prevention of committing suicide. Brooke North, Francesca Marsh, and Francesca Marsh of GMHC created a planning committee. This committee includes partners from the Help Center, Montana State University Counseling and Psychological Services, and Walmart to organize this fascinating event. At the end of the day, over 350 people visited this meeting. Over $35,000 was donated. 50% of visitors come back to the MT AFSP chapter! US Senator Charles Thompson announced the significance of services for mental health and suicide prevention. Chelsea Jarvis ensured an inspiring personal narrative and motivation for continuing maintenance. Declan Owens and Aaron Burrows, adult case managers…

Bridges to Hope Film Screening and Mental Health Month

The Gallatin Mental Health Center in cooperation with the Montana State University have presented a film screening for the community of Bozeman. The event was held on May 4th, 2016 at the Montana State University campus. The film was produced by Rising Awareness Productions for educational purposes. The event included speakers from Nadine Grayl, Community Health Partners, and Counseling and Psychological Services. There was also a presentation about the services provided by the Bozeman Hope House and their partners. The participants were presented a documentary film “Bridges to Hope: Hope House and the Community”. The film contained interviews from the community personnel and the partners of Bozeman Hope House. The staff and clients of the Gallatin Mental Health Center and the Hope House could enter this event for free, while the general public had to pay $10. However, these two communities never refused services to anyone, even if the person was not able to pay a…