11 Mental Health Resolutions

Choose what makes you happy

The more happy and pleasant experiences you have in your life, the better your general condition will be. Therefore, it is important to have enough reasons for feeling happy during your routine – they, like a gold reserve, increase resistance to stress and problems. Each person has its own specific list of “happiness”, and it doesn’t matter what it is in yours. It is important to remember to make these small choices every day — in the family, work, hobbies, and everything else.

Listen to your body

The human body is a unique self-healing and self-cleaning system. It has many “sensors” that register unwanted and harmful effects and many ways to give an alarm signal that something needs to be changed. The only pity is that we rarely listen to these signals. As a rule, we have more important goals and objectives. So this point is about mindfulness and intuition. The organism is clever, it tries to save us many, many times a day.

Be alone

No, this recommendation is not only for introverts. It is proven that most people feel better after 20-30 minutes of loneliness. This is especially true of those whose life is rather stormy due to the specifics of work, family composition or other external factors. It is very important to give yourself the opportunity to be silent for a while and be alone, without feeling abandoned, but just resting.

Be surrounded by people

When you feel bad, be on the public to get rid of negative emotions. Unfortunately, this statement is not 100% truth. It is possible and necessary to be on the public not only when you feel bad – but also when you feel well, you may be surrounded by other people. Being with someone, living together is a unique healing practice. It is not necessary for people to be very close (although it may be important to someone). It is enough that they, too, were willing to meet you and get in touch.

Hug and touch other people

Tactile contact is one of our first ways to communicate with the world and our “secret weapon”. Research suggests that we initiate and take from 5 to 10 touches and hugs a day to feel good. Of course, these rules are not effective for everyone, but only for those who are comfortable in touching. Touching and hugging reduces anxiety and stress through stimulating the production of oxytocin, improves heart function, helps send and receive emotional signals, levels the climate in relationships, and much more.

Avoid negative activity

It turns out that people torturing and laughing at others do not feel any better after that. And they often assess themselves as unhappy. The probable causal link is that the need for sarcasm, cruelty and humiliation of others often arises on some dysfunctional personal base. Maybe this is a difficult situation or a difficult period in life, maybe a feature of character, maybe something else – but it does not seem to bring relief. Therefore, if you have such a need, it makes sense not to follow it.

Practice feeling of gratitude

Gratitude is a feeling similar to the healing elixir. When we begin to notice the light that is happening around us, life blossoms in bright colors. Studies show that regular reflection and expression of gratitude (to anyone, even your cat or good weather) improves your mood and well-being.

Reduce the number of stimulants

Our generation is the most medicalized, stimulated and anesthetized compared to all previous ones. The pace of life for most of us seems impossible without alcohol, coffee, energy and high-calorie food. In fact, it is possible and often necessary to reduce the number of stimulants because the effect of almost all of these stimulants lies in the shock shake they give the body, and it is harmful when used for a long period of time.

Do sport

When you play sports, not only a lot of useful things happen on your physical level in your body, but your body also produces substances that affect your well-being and mood. For example, endorphins are a great thing! Make use of this natural source of pleasure at least sometimes. If life does not allow you to practice seriously, then dance for 2 or 3 tracks a day, it is much better than a complete lack of physical activity.


It seems that half of the recommendations from this list will be about combating the peculiarities of the life of a modern person. This item is no exception: most of us gradually spend time more and more indoors, be at work. This is caused by the acceleration of the pace of life and the penetration of modern technologies in it. Walking, besides fresh air gives the body a necessary warm-up, rest to tired eyes and time for thoughts or unhurried conversations. It is recommended to have 30-40 minutes walking daily.

Allow yourself to feel

It is rather convenient to control and suppress emotions. Many people use this method either consciously or not. In addition, our culture and mentality are prohibitive in relation to many “undesirable” feelings, which exacerbates the situation. But all this is frankly harmful to health. Therefore, I advertise to everyone the idea of studying the feelings and using them – at least, this will be the prevention of psychosomatic symptoms, and maybe something else will be found.