Project Launch

Gallatin Mental Health Center invites everyone to participate in the Project LAUNCH (Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children’s Health) aimed at helping children with disabilities: Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and other disorders of physical and mental development.

According to statistics, children who were given early professional help can occupy socially important positions and work, have a chance to live a decent interesting life. Thus, “special” children have the opportunity for development and adaptation in society.

What is Project LAUNCH?

  • child helpIndividual approach to each child, taking into account his features, interests, development, character;
  • More than 1000 special materials and benefits for working with children of early, preschool and primary school age;
  • Specially designated areas for the development of self-service skills, where children learn to wash dishes, take care of themselves, prepare food, etc.;
  • The interaction of children of different ages in a group – older children help younger ones, younger ones learn from older ones, thereby the process of learning is much faster and more effective;
  • Children with different diagnoses and their healthy peers harmoniously develop next to each other;
  • Direct participation of the family in teaching their child, transferring the Gallatin Mental Health principles of parenting to the family, as a result, understanding and accepting the child, finding ways to interact with him.

Who works with children?

Now, the following specialists work with children:

  • Pedagogues;
  • Clinical psychologist;
  • Neuropsychologist;
  • Speech therapist,
  • Defectologist;
  • Art therapy specialist;
  • Educator-artist.

How do we help children?

  1. The initial conversation of the representative of the Project LAUNCH with parents;
  2. Psychological and pedagogical examination of a child with a deep study of medical documentation for the period from pregnancy and childbirth to the present;
  3. Constructing an individual class schedule by a psychologist based on the decision of the psychological-pedagogical consultation (CPC);
  4. Monitoring the state and development of the child by a psychologist and other specialists of Gallatin Mental Health Center, counseling parents and teachers;
  5. Repeated psychological examination of the child after a month of attendance;
  6. Continuation of visits by the child to classes, taking into account the recommendations of a psychologist and other specialists (if necessary, the child may be sent to other specialists);
  7. A monthly written report on the child’s development.

How can you help?

  1. Make a charitable donation to the Project LAUNCH’s account;
  2. Place a box for collecting donations in familiar companies, offices, business centers;
  3. Buy paintings created by our little patients together with artists;
  4. Information partnership: place information about the Project on your website, portal, blog. These can be banners, links, articles;
  5. Recommend our Project to people who want to help;
  6. Volunteer assistance for carrying out activities, accompanying children in class, transporting people and things, disseminating information about the Project, as well as other useful activities.