Partnership Project

The Partnership Project supports young people in their teens to early twenties as they embark on their journey of parenthood. The Partnership Project is a collaborative program run by Thrive, Gallatin City County Health Department, Child Care Connects, and Gallatin Mental Health Center.  Each person seeking services can access all or part of the services offered in Partnership: involvement with a Thrive family support worker, an enhanced home visiting nurse from the City County Health Department, and a therapist from Gallatin Mental Health Center, as well as support from Child Care Connections to access quality childcare. Participating families receive parenting education, emotional support, assistance connecting to community resources, and encouragement to grow both as individuals and as parents.  Gallatin Mental Health Center has been part of this unique program since 2012; our qualified staff provides both individual and group counseling to program families in order to support them on their journey to  becoming parents and involved community members.

For more information contact:

Ellie Martin, Program Manager


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