Jail Diversion Program

Description of Services Provided

Our mission as mental health providers in the jail is to provide services to people when they are at a point where change is needed. We believe that jail is a low point in some people’s lives, but not the end, and when connected to the proper services a person is less likely to re-offend. In the Gallatin County Detention Center we offer therapy and case management to inmates along with anger management, illness management and recovery, coping skills groups, Moral Reconation Therapy and community resource groups. We also offer services to inmates after they are released as a way of transitioning back into the community. The case manager from this program also works with the Virgil Project which is a program designed as a sentencing option for inmates with mental illness which focuses on treatment as opposed to punishment.

Call Ryan Schwartzmeyer at 582-2485 for more information on this program.

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