Crisis Stabilization (Hope House)

Description of Services Provided

Hope House provides crisis stabilization through a 24-hour monitoring for persons 18 years and older suffering from a mental health crisis, offering a safe environment in a therapeutic setting. Individuals receive medication management through an on-site psychiatric nurse practitioner. In addition, individuals can receive individual, group, and family therapies, peer support, nursing, and case management. Hope House has eight voluntary crisis stabilization beds and two emergency detention beds. Entry into the facility is decided by the Crisis Response Therapists in conjunction with an individual’s treatment team. The emergency detention occupants are ordered to the facility by the Gallatin County Attorney’s Office in conjunction with the Crisis Response Therapist. Hope House works with the Help Center to triage admissions into the facility. Please call the Help Center at 586-3333 to discuss admission.

Clinical Supervisor: Shannon Maroney- LCSW