Homeless Persons Memorial 12-21-2016

Thank you for everyone that made such a memorial night a success!

From NBC Montana, Judith Retana:
Their names were read off one by one, with wreaths placed on a table in their honor. Robert. Miguel. Tina. Doris. Andrew. Robert.

These six were homeless citizens of Bozeman who passed away this year. They, and other unknown people who lost their lives to homelessness, were honored at a first-of-its-kind vigil in Bozeman on Wednesday night.

“Your memory and resiliency lives one,” said Jenna Londynsky, co-chair of the Greater Gallatin Homeless Action Coalition, who helped put on Wednesday’s vigil. “Lost, but not forgotten.”

After dark, and in temperatures well below 20 degrees, more than 50 people gathered in front of the Bozeman Public Library to recognize Homeless Memorial Day.

The event coincides with the National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day, which takes place annually on Dec. 21 — the longest night of the year.

In the 15-minute ceremony, while folks in the crowd held candles, the Rev. Connie Campbell and the Rev. Roxanne Klingensmith led the group in a gathering prayer.

“We gather today to comfort one another. We are saying goodbye to friends, family and neighbors,” Klingensmith said.

“We praise you also for workers and volunteers. For every person who was a blessing to a person without a home, be they social workers, health care providers, police, politicians, clergy, cooks or simply kind friends,” Campbell said.

After another blessing for the homeless, the vigil ended with a group rendition of “Amazing Grace


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