Job: Program Manager

The manager of Gallatin Mental Health Center must ensure that the project’s tasks are completed. This is his main function.

There are a number of other functions:

  • develop a working plan;
  • implementation of leadership in the work on the project;
  • planning your activities and adjusting them if necessary as the project progresses;
  • control of work performance by project participants;
  • monitoring;
  • analyzing and providing risk management;
  • work with the corporate project management standard (collecting comments and suggestions for making changes).

When managing a project team, he should:

  • organize team activities;
  • form a working group at all stages of the project, such as planning, realization and completing;
  • establishes the rules of interaction with each other project participants, which are the key to successful work.

The functions of the project manager in terms of interaction with members of the working group include the following:

  • effective interaction with all project participants, including the organization of information exchange;
  • development of tactics of interaction, allowing to enlist the support of team members;
  • managing the expectations of project participants.

Behavioral Health Clinician duties are the following:

  • examine the influence of psychological, economic and organizational factors in order to develop measures to improve their conditions and improve efficiency.
  • identify the most pressing issues and problems that need to be addressed and identifies ways to eliminate the causes.
  • create professiograms and detailed psychological characteristics of mental-ill people, determined by the influence of the environment on the neuro-psychological stress, gives recommendations on the conditions for their optimal use, taking into account the perspectives of his abilities and properties.
  • prepare proposals for management and participates in the implementation of measures aimed at increasing productivity and satisfaction.
  • participate in the implementation of measures for production and professional adaptation.
  • develop and apply in practice the methods of assessing organizational culture, moral and psychological climate and management patterns and provides management with systematic information and recommendations based on the study results.
  • participates in the implementation of measures for the formation and transmission of corporate culture and the improvement of the socio-psychological climate.
  • select the methods of diagnostics that are adequate to the assigned tasks and carries out diagnostics, gives a qualitative analysis and interpretation of its results and recommendations.
  • conduct interviews with mental-ill patients.
  • systematically analyze feedback on the results of the activities undertaken, makes changes.