Internship Opportunities

The goal of the internship at Gallatin Mental Health Center is to prepare a qualified mental health specialist for independent work in medical institutions.

Objectives of the internship

To teach:

  1. the basics of a healthy lifestyle for the family to create conditions for the harmonious physical and mental development of children;
  2. modern methods of raising a mentally-healthy child;
  3. organization and conduct of clinical examination of healthy children of different age groups, primary prevention of mental diseases;
  4. early diagnosis of mental health disorders;
  5. the basics of rehabilitation of patients with mental problems;
  6. the analysis of medical practice in the preparation of annual reports, the design of medical records.

The main task of the internship at Gallatin Mental Health is to prepare interns for independent work, the development of practical skills, so most of the time is given to the independent work of the intern. In addition, the intern prepares abstract messages, reviews and graduation (attestation) work under the guidance of the teacher. Themes of work are determined by the staff of Hope House Bozeman. It uses the results of its own observations, research, as well as archival materials of the clinic, periodicals and monographs.

The development and deepening of clinical thinking are provided by weekly thematic rounds with a teacher on the main sections of mental health specialists. Seminars are conducted by heads of interns, assistant professors and professors of the department. Classes are held 1-2 times a week (Monday, Thursday). The duration of the seminar is 2-4 academic hours. The workshops analyze the difficulties and mistakes of clinical diagnosis, the most difficult and controversial issues of mental health, treatment tactics and the provision of emergency care to patients. Weekly, the head of the department conducts patrol rounds in the departments of the clinic, followed by a clinical examination of the patient;

The lecture course consists of 76 hours of scheduled lectures in fundamental and related disciplines. In addition, interns attend clinical and pathological conferences, lectures in the medical center;

The control of acquired knowledge and practical skills is carried out during seminars, interviews, testing.

If you have any questions, please contact Gallatin Mental Health Center.