Vision & Values

The mission of Gallatin Mental Health Center is to assist individuals and communities with the challenges of mental health, substance use and co-occurring disorders in order to achieve their highest quality of life in a relationship of mutual respect, dignity and empowerment. Services are offered by the center regardless of age, race, sex, color, religion, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. Gallatin Mental Health Center is part of Western Montana Mental Health Centers WMMHC and its affiliates offer behavioral health services in the 15 western and southwestern counties of Montana. We have built and maintained our legacy by providing comprehensive services to the citizens of Montana since 1971. We do not operate like a private practice enterprise, although we do operate within the same ethical and professional guidelines.

Our primary service obligation is to the clients enrolled for services with this organization. We also tailor services to meet the demands of federal, state and local governments, who are our major payer sources, as well as attempt to meet the needs of local law enforcement, schools and the many local human service providers who often require behavioral health services in conjunction with the service they provide.
In summary, our service vision is broad and demanding. We expect and receive a lot, including personal commitment from the staff we employ. Our operating philosophy is that persons with whom we engage in a treatment relationship are offered the opportunity to change their personal situation for the better and that they have the ability to regain control of their lives in spite of their disability or illness. We consider our organization “recovery oriented” and “client centered.”