Jail Diversion Program

The Jail Diversion Program’s mission as mental health providers in the jail is to provide services to people when they are at a point where change is needed.


Ryan SchwartzmeyerRyan Swartzmeyer
Detention Center Case Manager
Ryan case manages for the Gallatin County Detention Center. Originally hired as a Community-Based Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CBR), Ryan quickly became an asset to clients and staff alike, securing a more appropriate and challenging position as a full-time case manager. Recently, Ryan accepted the position of providing full-time case management as part of a new, grant-funded program at the detention center. Ryan coordinates care and facilitates access to community resources for his clients, calmly navigating problems and crises with enviable finesse. GMHC would simply not be the same without Ryan’s expertise, commitment and considerable talent. Recently married, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family and enjoying the outdoors, particularly fishing.

Eilissa Krowe
Eilissa Crowe, LCPC, MHP

A Montana Native and graduate of MSU Bozeman, Eilissa has worked in a variety of professional settings which have afforded her experience in both institutional and community-based settings. After a little trekking in some not so distant lands, Eilissa was happy to return to Bozeman and all that it has to offer in the community and surrounding areas. When she’s not working, Eilissa is usually playing outside with her dog, Cheddie Dog; they enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, rafting and an occasional wreck on a four-wheeler. Eilissa traded in her ski poles some time ago in order to remain in one piece; she now spends the winter months reading a book, listening to music, drinking coffee and kicking back with her Cheddie Dog and their two feline friends. Eilissa brings a fresh perspective, dry wit, smiles and laughter to GMHC staff and clients alike.

Emily Grossman, LCPC