Crisis Stabilization (Hope House)

The employees at Hope House are trained to handle critical events professionally and with compassionate care.

Ingrid McNair
Hope House Manager
Ingrid grew up in Bozeman and is a true Montana girl who enjoys the outdoors. She has always been dedicated to helping others through volunteering, service projects, and her friendships. Ingrid earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Montana. While attending school at the university, Ingrid worked at the Student Assault Resource Center and grew to love Crisis Intervention work. After graduating, Ingrid moved back to Bozeman and began working at Hope House in 2011. Her specialties include PTSD, Child Psychology, and Crisis Intervention. In her free time, Ingrid enjoys being an avid downhill skier, big game hunter, and trap shooter.

Kim Codding
Kim Codding, LAC, LCSW
Clinical Supervisor
As a therapist here at Hope House, Kim thoroughly enjoys her work. Kim is a third-generation Bozemanite and spend as much time as possible outdoors in the spring, summer, and fall; she enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, etc. She doesn’t like the cold as much as she used to, so Kim spends her spare time during the winter months mostly indoors reading and hanging out with her very large family. She has a therapist’s educational background and is also a licensed addiction counselor. Her personal and professional experience with both mental illness and substance abuse issues help her to better understand a client’s experience. She is here to listen, chat with, and assist with people in any way she can while they focus on their recovery.

Dale Brock
Dale Brock, BS
Crisis Intervention Worker
Dale, named for actress Dale Evans, has been a CIW at Hope House since 2005. She thoroughly enjoys working with clients; they come from many walks of life and continually teach her something new. She was born and raised in the Detroit area and later moved to Denver. In 1993, Dale and her three children moved to Bozeman. She attended MSU and graduated in 2001 with a BS in Health and Human Development.

Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman, BS
Crisis Intervention Worker
Michael was born and raised in Rochester, MI. He received a degree from Montana State University in Cell Biology and Neuroscience and has worked for the Hope House since it was opened in Bozeman. During his time in Montana he has been fortunate to gain a variety of life and work experience in many disciplines. He enjoys cooking, hunting, snowboarding, cross country skiing and playing a variety of musical instruments. Michael is proud to serve our clients at the Hope House and in our community.

Nicholas OttensNicholas Ottens
Crisis Intervention Worker
Nicholas is originally from Middleton, Idaho (outside Boise). He came to Bozeman to attend MSU where he studied film. Nicholas has always loved movies so much so he would love to have a career in film someday. He has worked at Hope House as a CIW for close to two years now and still loves his job. Nicholas is a super friendly guy, but awful with names, so if you ever see him don’t be afraid to say hi – but please don’t be offended if he doesn’t remember your name!

Jonathan Bateman
Crisis Intervention Worker
Jonathan was born in southern Georgia, but moved to Montana when he was six years old. He grew up on his parents’ cattle ranch, which he promptly escaped following his high school graduation. He attended the University of Oklahoma, where he majored in Psychology and English-Writing. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he chose to focus on psychology, believing that he could better make a difference in individual lives and communities. His interests include snowboarding, exercising and reading. He began working at the Hope House in May of 2012, where he hopes his extroversion and light-hearted sense of humor will brighten your day.

breannaBreanna Bornholdt
Crisis Intervention Worker
Breanna, originally from the beautiful country of northern Utah, is now a full-time Bozeman dweller. She is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Montana State University. While going to school, Breanna started volunteering her time as a Victim’s Advocate at the VOICE Center, a crisis support center and 24-7 support line for individuals experiencing crisis due to sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. Three years of this work sparked a true passion in her for helping those who are in mental and emotional crisis and she is very excited to be able to do this as a part of the Hope House care team. Breanna enjoys hiking, camping, rock climbing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, watching a great movie, singing, spending time with awesome people (good thing she works with so many here!) and being a complete nerd.

Julio Brionez, BA
Crisis Intervention Worker and Therapy Intern
Julio comes to Hope House as a CIW and Counseling Intern through Montana State University’s Counseling program. Prior to coming to Montana he obtained his BA in Psychology at San Francisco State University. While in San Francisco Julio volunteered for San Francisco Suicide Prevention as a crisis counselor over the phone and on the internet. Julio began working at the Hope House in May of 2012, when he is not working he is busy reading about Native American and Psychodynamic Theory for counseling. He also loves Bob’s Burgers, Breaking Bad, and True Blood! Go Lakers!

Joe Guthrie
Crisis Intervention Worker
Joe Guthrie grew up in suburban Chicago, where he joined the Air Force. Upon retiring in 2003, he moved his family to his wife Rickayla’s hometown of Three Forks, Montana. Joe completed his BS in human services in 2013. Joe enjoys the mutual sharing of life experiences with our Hope House clients. He truly believes in the sharing and learning from each other’s personal experiences, both good and bad. Joe enjoys boating and fishing.

erin cropErin Clark
Crisis Intervention Worker
Erin is originally from Idaho but moved to Bozeman to pursue an education in psychology after living in Billings from many years. She has volunteered countless hours in the community of Bozeman and discovered her love for crisis work while volunteering at Haven on their 24 hour crisis line. She is currently a graduate student at Walla Walla University, pursuing a Masters in Social Work. When finished with school she wants to be a therapist at Hope House. She enjoys cooking, traveling, hiking, snowmobiling, motorcycles and spending time with family, friends, her husband and their two American Bulldogs.

kevinKevin Hume
Crisis Intervention Worker
Kevin moved to Bozeman after spending time living overseas. He is currently working on two bachelors degrees at MSU, in psychology and cell biology and neuroscience. Kevin is a CIW at Hope House and is dedicated to helping others.