About Us

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Gallatin Mental Health Center (GMHC) offers psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care for children and adults. Our team can provide you with both a diagnosis and subsequent comprehensive therapy covering various types of psychological problems. We also offer help and cooperation in your long-term personal development. Therapeutic care is provided in a safe environment, with particular attention to the individual needs of all of our clients.

Patients most often contact us with the following complaints:

  • Complicated relationship;
  • Anxiety and depression;
  • Crisis situations;
  • Traumatic experiences;
  • Psychiatric and personality disorders;
  • Adaptation issues;
  • Psychosomatic difficulties;
  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Problems in parenting;
  • Loss of a close person;
  • Dealing with serious illnesses;
  • Loss of purpose in life.

Methods We Use

Psychological diagnosis

The first step to effective therapy is a timely diagnosis. Gallatin Mental Health Center uses numerous psychological tests and other diagnostic methods that can display various aspects of human psychology. Diagnostics is carried out by specialists who have many years of experience.

Psychiatric care

Psychiatric care is provided only by a doctor. In addition to the interview and the diagnosis, the psychiatrist focuses on the use of drugs. Psychiatrists often focus on more serious psychological problems and personality disorders. Often, psychiatric care is accompanied by psychotherapeutic care. The combination of both approaches usually leads to significantly better results than a single drug.

Psychotherapeutic care

Psychotherapy is conducted by a psychologist or a psychiatrist. However, psychiatric or psychological education is not enough to provide psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is usually based on long-term cooperation between the client and the therapist and involves a deeper self-understanding, which then allows the doctor to identify internal conflicts and destructive behaviors. This, in turn, allows for changes. Psychotherapy also works with techniques such as therapeutic interviews, imagination, experimental methods, and more. There are many industries and approaches in psychotherapy. For example, we work with gestalt therapy, psychodynamic therapy, systemic therapy, psychoanalysis, pair therapy, or person-oriented psychotherapy.

Other intervention methods

With certain specific types of problems, we also use other methods of intervention. If necessary, we also cooperate with a speech therapist, occupational therapist, neurologist, endocrinologist or physical therapist.

Team collaboration, comprehensive care

Our team at the Gallatin Mental Health Center is made up of experienced psychiatrists and therapists who are focused on both adults and children. It is designed in such a way that allows us to offer qualified psychiatric and psychotherapeutic assistance in the widest possible scope. If necessary, we also cooperate with a number of other external specialists who can provide further assistance to our team.

High level of service

We provide high-level and excellent medical services that emphasize the context in which the therapy takes place. A safe atmosphere and a friendly attitude are integral parts of our approach, and we pay a lot of attention to this, as well as to the quality of healthcare itself. Our mental health center provides our clients with sufficient privacy and peace.