Welcome to Gallatin Mental Health Center

A division of Western Montana Mental Health Centers
GMHC offers comprehensive, personalized mental health services.

We employ highly-trained, skilled staff including licensed social workers, professional counselors and a psychologist; licensed nurses, a board-certified psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioners; case managers; crisis intervention workers; and peer support specialists. GMHC staff utilizes a variety of evidence-based practices and approaches to ensure quality, substantiated support. Through integrated, collaborative efforts, our team provides diagnosis, evaluation, assessment, ongoing treatment and referral for those impacted and affected by mental illness.

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Sunny Rae Yocom, BA Adult Case Manager

1)  Why do you work here? 
The fame and fortune…. I love my job.  It is very satisfying to help someone in need.  I am a born teacher, and helping my clients learn something new is very exciting for me.  I am born mother, and some clients need a mother’s touch once in a while.  I am self-diagnosed OCD, and doing the bills for my Payee clients helps fulfill my OCD tendencies.  I am a Christian, and reaching out to those less fortunate satisfies that tendency as well.  I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with other people and seeing them through difficult times so that we both can rejoice in the easier times.

2)      What do you do here? 
What don’t I do here?  I wear several hats—Case Management, Payee Services, Property Manager for the 10 Supportive Living housing units and Manage the Shelter Plus Care Housing Voucher Program.

3)      What is a special skill or talent you have? 
I love to cook and bake, I am involved in Boy Scouts with my kids, Love doing service at the Salvation Army and second only to God and my family are my horses.  I like to think I have a talent for horseback riding, and I have shown horses nearly my entire life.

4)      Name one thing you enjoy most about living in Montana
Horses and snow (but not so much the cold.)

IN THE SPOTLIGHT is a monthly highlight of our staff on the web each month with a set of five questions that are answered by the staff. This is a fun way to learn more about the people that work for Gallatin Mental Health Center. The staff then selects the next person and creativly writes the next four questions for them to answer.